Catering to the Seniors of Our Community

 Dick's TV Center

BEAR State License #  86364 
Beware of servicers that are not state licensed!


Phone: (951) 658-5018 Cell: (951) 219-7822



Including but not limited to:  Samsung, Vizio, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, LG, Zenith, Akai, Pioneer, Sharp and Toshiba.

A TV Repair will normally cost about 1/2 the the price or less than buying a comparable new TV! We will do our best to make it happen.

Repairs will be available on a case by case basis so call with
make and model # and description of problem and I will determine affordability of repair. 
In home service call is $65 in local area.There may be no 
refund on parts purchased for the repair
as parts can be damaged in a TV with a bad panel and can not be returned.


Fully Equipped Repair Facility.


Repair Tips

Screen is cracked: A repair would involve replacing the display panel 
 and the cost would be more than replacing the TV, 
and most panels are not available for sale. Buy a new TV.

No sound, no picture, channels won't change:
Many problems can be fixed by rebooting your cable box/satellite receiver.
This is done by pushing the reset button on the box if it has one, 
or unplugging the power cord to the box for a few seconds and plugging
it back in. Give the box time to reboot and see if you still have problems.
If that was not successful call me.


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